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Salem Academy and College

Annual Report

Salem Academy and College’s latest annual report chronicles the 2022-23 fiscal year and highlights the major improvements and initiatives that occurred at the institution during that year. Within the report, you will find updates from President McGee, alumni and student profiles, enrollment updates, financial updates, as well as information about campus improvements and projects.

Viewing the annual report

You can view Salem Academy and College’s 2022-23 Annual Report by flipping through the flipbook above. To view the annual report in full-screen mode, either press the full-screen button in the corner of the flipbook viewer or follow this link directly to a full-screen version.

To download the annual report as a PDF, click the button below.

Receiving physical copies

If you would like to receive a printed copy of Salem Academy and College’s 2022-23 Annual Report, please contact Marketing & Communications by using the email link below to get information on where you can pick up copies of the annual report or to learn when copies of the report may be mailed out next.

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